Tennis – No Exit

Exit through this veritable gift shop

NoMBe x Thutmose – Summer’s Gone

Summer's Gone, but this sunshine lives on

Jamie Brown – Follow You (Tep No Edit)

Downtown, Jamie Brown

BAUM – Hot Water

Wade into some piping-hot water of road-pop

Cosby – Get Up

Unfortunate name, great sound

Naaz – Can’t

What a jammy little Can't

REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Fifth Harmony

Making us feel less in harmony and a lot closer to self-harm

REVIEW: Gordi – Reservoir

Francis-esque majesty that deserves to be heard

REVIEW: Angelo de Augustine – Swim Inside The Moon

Fragile Sufjan-approved indie-folk to nurture and cherish

REVIEW: Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins

A majestic palette that's arguably their most resonant

REVIEW: Everything Everything – A Fever Dream

Time to change the indie sheets after sweating this one out

REVIEW: Kesha – Rainbow

More just a half-empty pot of copper at the end of this one


It's the eye of the TGR, the thrill of the fight


XO till we overdose on this exclusive playlist

LIVE REVIEW: James Vincent McMorrow, London, 27/07/17

A lovingly-crafted set that boasts sincerity and a vibrant personality

PODCAST: Episode 8 – Chloe Howl

We round off the first series of podcasts with an exceptionally frank Ms Howl


We talk music, influences, & Dermot O'Leary with the rising Ellen Murphy

In Defence of Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit

Why we think this could be Katy Perry's latest, potentially most exciting era