Album reviews: Feathers, Quadron

92113846All-female synth-wave outfit Feathers made a bit of a splash when they dropped their lead single, Land of the Innocent. It’s pop, Jim, but slightly darker than we know it (by which we don’t mean they’ve done a reverse Jacko on us). That Feathers have recently supported Little Boots on tour should give you an indication what to expect here – it’s futurism meets industrial electro-pop, though by their own admission it might be ‘too poppy for some and too dark for others’. Exactly where the problem lies – it’s grand in fits and starts, but ultimately a bit wearing. Still, there’s massive talent here, particularly in the standout Night Seances and Familiar So Strange.



Quadron – Avalanche
Denmark-born Coco O (no relation, we believe, to Karen O, or for that matter Lion-O/Hawaii 5-O) and Rhye’s Robin Hannibal have certainly got their shit together and delivered one of the albums of the year. While the latter’s production credentials and that album cover might suggest some sort of lightweight Jessie Ware, Avalanche is so much more than that. It’s gorgeous, slinky electro-soul, delivering lashing after lashing of sultry R&B style goodness. Their second album is a veritable masterclass, from LFT to the brilliant Neverland and the Kendrick-featuring Better Off, it does nothing wrong. We absolutely love this and, unless you’re deaf, you will too.