Album Reviews: Rachel Zeffira, Bloodgroup, Blurred City Lights

Rachel Zeffira – The Deserters

Wooft. This one passed us by at Christmas, but now that Rachel Zeffira’s (she of Faris Badwan’s Cat’s Eyes) debut album is getting a Stateside release, she’s popped up on our radar again. We’ll keep this short though: this album is stunning. Reminiscent at times of Phaedra’s The Sea, classically-trained Zeffira gives the most beautiful account of her dream-pop. We welled up the first time we heard the Deserters, and now we’re off to go gently weep in a corner again. 

Bloodgroup – Tracing Echoes

This couldn’t be more different to Ms Zeffira, but another little surprise came to us by way of Icelandic band Bloodgroup. A sweaty mess of darkwave, they’re a nice reminder that the country can produce things that aren’t Bjork or Sigur Ros. Songs like A Threat pulse with grotty basslines, with songs trading between male and female vocal as required. Lead single Fall is the most commercial and accessible cut, but still fascinating in its original production. Recommended. 


Blurred City Lights – Neon Glow EP

Dean Garcia of darkwave-dance outfit SPC ECO has been mining away at a little side project, the fruits of which come in the form of Blurred City Lights’ Neon Glow EP. Think Massive Attack with an extra sense of foreboding and gloomier vocal – Neon Glow is one of those rare EPs that sounds exactly how the cover looks. Stream it below, but do linger particularly on the excellent Falling Down.


Neon Glow EP by Blurred City Lights