Album round-up: Tensnake, Babe

TensnakeGlow061213[two_third last=”no”]Tensnake – Glow (★★★☆☆)

Look, we all know Tensnake can put together a banger when he wants to, but can it sustain an entire album like Glow? Mostly, but that seems more thanks to the overarching presence of vocalist Fiora rather than the beatmaker himself. There’s also a choice cameo from your friend and ours Nile Rodgers on Good Enough To Keep, but the main highlights are carried by Fiora – Kill The Time and See Right Through are perfectly rounded dance tracks, and 58 BPM emerges a surprisingly disarming Kavinsky-esque duet. Buy those tracks, leave the rest alone.[/two_third]

voleryflighty-500x501[two_third last=”yes”]Babe – Volery Flighty (★★★★☆)

We became a little bit smitten with Scottish-French band Babe when we heard their charming Aerialist Barbette. Much as their album title suggests, this is a bunch that delights in being a little bit eccentric and wholly idiosyncratic with the electronic-indie they peddle – the natural comparisons are Wild Beasts and Everything Everything, but there’s a slightly more roughshod approach to Babe. It’s rather endearing in particular on Dot and Carry One, Grotto, and standout Bx Betweenwhiles; hopefully word-of-mouth and some choice festival slots could see some Wild Beasts-esque success.[/two_third]