Album Round-up: Small Black, Classixx

Small Black – Limits of Desire
We’re not going to beat around the bush here (and from the looks of the album cover there’s a lot of it): we ruddy love this lot. Small Black had us hooked with their chillwave stylings in Free at Dawn, but the full-length Limits of Desire is basically a smile that lasts 10 tracks. There isn’t a dud here at all, with songs varying from sunshine-cruising alt (Canoe), to effervescent synth-pop (No Stranger). This is happiness in an album – we dare you not to swoon at album closer Outskirts. Dynamite stuff.

Classixx – Hanging Gardens
While there seems to be an endless supply of EDM these days, one of the more anticipated LPs comes in the guise of LA duo and remix-masters Classixx. With a slew of guest vocalists, the twosome prove that their talents lie not only in converting others’ hits into blissful summer cuts, but creating an album full of anthems on their own merit – there’s straightforward chart-friendly dance (Holding On) and deep house grooves (Rhythm Santa Clara) to keep everyone happy. Certainly the soundtrack for all your summer parties.