Autre ne Veut – Anxiety

When Autre ne Veut (aka Arthur Ashin) released his self-titled debut a couple of years ago, there were a number of unfair comparisons with How to Dress Well – what they do have in common, however, is turning the traditional notion of R&B well and truly on its head. 

Second album Anxiety comes along and, more than anything, slots more comfortably alongside Twin Shadow’s stellar album from 2012. Opener Play by Play is an unrelenting assault of layered vocals, quickly followed by the outstanding lead single Counting. 

Ashin takes the rest of the album into slightly more rock territory than expected (as seen on album highlight Gonna Die, strangely recalling Genesis), but the heart of it all is still that thin falsetto that meanders in and out of lines so mellifluously it makes the Weeknd look amateur. Luminous stuff.