Brother – Call

Every so often you stumble across a little left-field surprise with no pomp or fanfare – Brother (no relation to awful lad-rock outfit Viva Brother) came to us firmly ensconced in mystery and armed with dazzling melodies.

But there’s clearly more to this experimental chamber pop than meets the eye. For one, the low-key release for songs and teaser videos that definitely have a hefty budget behind them. Then the fact that there’s virtually no information on them anywhere, not even a Twitter handle, and that their announcements are all based around an entity called ‘cube’. Finally, with the “where have I heard it before” indie vocal over Radiohead-inspired tunes, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone’s pulling a craftier iamamiwhoami on us… hopefully with a better payoff. 

All of this is of course a compliment, even if false. The fact that everything is so polished, so wonderful, makes Brother the single biggest surprise package of 2013. Grab it now before the secret’s out. 

Call by Brother