Cassie – The Cassie Trilogy

Oh, Cassie. While Ciara and co stick to the fun but ridiculous (sample lyrics: “ma back is aching/ ma bra too tight/ ma booty shakin’ from left to right), we’ve all been gazing longingly at Cassie for the last six years in the hope that she will somehow be a counterpart to the Weeknd and save female R&B.

Despite being blogged about by Beyoncé and sharing pop-space with Nicki Minaj, there’s still nary a whiff of a second album from the sultry songstress. What we have, however, is a trilogy of mixtapes (again nodding to the Weeknd in release and artwork) that compile various leaks and unreleased works.

There’s over 60 songs to get through here across three different albums. Velvet Night is all dark R&B beats, Dope ‘n Diamonds goes icy electro, while Supermodel does pure pop. The idea is noble if you have the back catalogue of, say, Janet Jackson, but what we have here instead is a truckload of filler with about 12 tracks that could have been melded to form one solid second album.

Still, there’s still that whiff of potential we saw in King of Hearts (below). A few guest artistes here and there, a few beats borrowed from Timberlake and Timbaland, somehow they’re enough to keep minimal interest despite the trying length.

The saviour of female R&B? We’ll put our money on Jhené Aiko instead, thanks.