Everything Everything – Arc

Manchester band Everything Everything will always have a special place in our hearts for providing the best ‘wait, did they actually just say that?’ moment of the last decade (turns out that they really did ask ‘is he gonna sit on your face when I’m gone?’ on Suffragette Suffragette).

The band’s second album, Arc, opens with the deliriously quirky Cough Cough, which essentially sounds like indie Tourette’s. We take a little gradual slide in quality after that, from the funk Chilli Peppers-esque Kemosabe to the less-than-memorable Duet, giving a slight lack of cohesion overall. There’s a slight spike with Feet for Hands and Armourland, but the frantic nature of their debut hasn’t quite been matched. 

But there’s a lot we can forgive Arc in the face of innovation and a captivating falsetto, not to mention that distinct EE tongue-in-cheek humour that sets them apart from their clod (case in point: a nod to Heat magazine with a song called Torso of the Week). More Joan of Arc  than Arc de Triomphe, though.