Kavinsky – OutRun

By David Yates

Ever since Ryan Gosling cruised to Kavinsky’s sleaze-fest soundtrack in Drive, there’s been very little in the way of French electro for our ears until now. OutRun begins with a car crash, as Baz Luhrmann-esque vocals narrate a revival from the wreckage: a mesh of man and sports-car metal, which we imagine how Jeremy Clarkson will be kept alive in years to come.

Nods to Daft Punk, Justice and Metronomy are present and correct, though thankfully Kavinsky never loses himself in homage. We’re still receiving a slick, stylish signature sound – tracks like ‘Blizzard’ refrain from being an over-complication of the Gameboy-beats we’ve come to expect. It’s surprising how OutRun can swerve from industrial house to the campy themes of 80’s cop-dramas with ease.

Although Nightcall is undeniably the heart of the album, First Blood and Endless pulsate irrefutable bloody funk – think hard-rock, galactic disco with a stampede of iron horses. Kinda like our nan’s bingo hall in Cleethorpes.