REVIEW: Alpine – Yuck

“You brought too much metaphor to the relationship/ To what I see/ To how I kiss…/ Yuck.”

In their spectacularly airy and infectious lead single Foolish, Australia’s Alpine (not to be confused with London’s Alpines) make it very clear that they’re on the more fun end of the indie-pop scale. It also helps that they have double the vocal power in the form of co-vocalists Phoebe Baker and Lou James, who support each other magnificently on both Foolish and breathy album opener Come On.

The sextet have openly declared ‘tropicalia’ as their inspiration for this record, which certainly comes across in its sun-soaked ten tracks. Whether it’s the effervescent Crunches or the dressing-down of Jellyfish (where Baker and James decry ‘your cocky tone’), theirs is a refreshing pop cocktail. Damn Baby in particular glistens with its R&B-indebted brass and melody, a shining example of how good this lot can be when they get it right.

Alpine might not be doing anything bold here, nor does this record feel overtly ground-breaking by any means, but we’ll be stuffed if it isn’t just so damn pleasurable. Yuck is pretty easy, more than breezy, and a lot more palatable than its title would suggest.

Yuck by Alpine can be ordered here.

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Alpine - Yuck
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