REVIEW: AlunaGeorge – Body Music

artworks-000052429592-pvs6ey-t500x500Any casual reader of PressPLAY will already know that AlunaGeorge have risen to the top of our list of ‘all-time favourite Georges’ (ahead of George Monbiot, Sharkey & George, and George by ASDA). Of course, anyone with so much as a cursory interest in music will also have gleaned that this genre-blurring London duo have also become quite the hot ticket, given their rapid rise off the back of stellar tunes.

And Body Music is all about the stellar tunes. Opening with Outlines, it’s an uncharacteristically understated start from an act known for their bangers, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing. As we mentioned when we saw them live recently, AlunaGeorge’s charm lies in these two seemingly disparate entities – gregarious Aluna’s helium-light voice, George’s shy beatmaking – melding perfectly into pristine R&B/garage-pop.

Enough has been said about all their (admittedly brilliant) releases thus far, but we’re pleased to report that AlunaGeorge’s defining moment is yet to be heard. If there’s any sense or justice in the world – or if some lovely record-label person has their finger on the nation’s pulse – then Lost & Found should without a doubt be the next single. It’s a perfect summation of what the duo are all about: toe-tapping dance beats, a little bit dubby, vocals like flawless glass, and instantly accessible. By far the apex of the album, and perhaps of their career to date.

If there are any complaints, they’re minor but two-fold. As with MS MR’s debut, the culture of EPs and drip-fed releases over the past year means that we’ve all heard most of Body Music already, losing a smidgen of freshness in the process (though we could happily listen to all of it on repeat nonetheless). Secondly – and this is something we also noticed in their live act – the slow-jams just don’t hold up as strongly as the rest. We all love a slight change in pace, but tracks like Body Music and Friends to Lovers don’t quite realise their potential.

However, these quibbles are minor and take nothing away from the fact that AlunaGeorge have crafted a near-immaculate debut – everything from Bad Idea or Kaleidoscope Love is irrepressibly catchy. It’s fresh, it’s tight, and it deserves to do exceptionally well… hell, they’re the only reason we’ve stopped holding séances to bring about a Left Eye / Artful Dodger collaboration. Buy it immediately.