REVIEW: Angelo de Augustine – Swim Inside The Moon

If you’re going to affiliate with Sufjan Stevens and Asthmatic Kitty, you better hope there’s a degree of quality. Although in the case of Angelo de Augustine, there’s an immediate danger of affiliating too closely, given we have to double take during the first proper track (Truly Gone) and make sure we haven’t put a Sufjan record on by mistake.

Barring the slightly terrifying Intro, Angelo de Augustine’s second record Swim Inside The Moon is full of that old indie-folk charm that only sometimes borders on the twee. Recorded in de Augustine’s bathtub (because duh), his sound demands that sort of analogue intimacy. It’s a sound that reverbs as if it’s just de Augustine in a cabin, regaling himself with words as if they’re for closet therapy as opposed to public consumption.

That’s certainly where the beauty of this record lies, and there’s a lot of it. Even in the more upbeat gallop of On My Way Home, his falsetto provides the perfect precursor for a more measured and wounding More Than You Thought You Use. It’s here that de Augustine realises and relishes his power, words half-finished in a whisper that communicate the entire fragility of his approach.

Before that very approach begins to wear, however, Swim Inside The Moon takes a polite little bow. Haze stands out as an all-encompassing moment, ready for a triumphant triumvirate to close it all. I Hope That All Of Your Dreams Come True is the last of these and the finest way this rustic gem of a record could have thought to end: sweet sentiment, earnest delivery, and a similar wish from our end for Angelo de Augustine’s dreams, given how sincere he seems to be.

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Angelo de Augustine - Swim Inside The Moon
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