REVIEW: Anne-Marie – Speak Your Mind

You know, if all of Anne-Marie‘s debut album was a bit more like the opening track Cry (or indeed her earlier work), we might be on board. After all, calling someone “2% my lover, 98% waste of time” is an extension of savagery we’d be proud of ourselves.

As it stands however, Speak Your Mind runs out of ideas early on and doesn’t do justice to the powerhouse vocal behind it. Anne-Marie has done pretty damn well for herself till now, but the opening run of songs (including Ciao Adios and Alarm) decrying a fuckboi in the same streamable production makes us wonder what sort of longevity this pop might have for her as an artist.

In fact, by the time Trigger rolls around you can predict exactly the sort of songwriting stencil Anne-Marie is using. It’s the same playful cadence, the same ethos, the same accented delivery, and the same thing you might find in some sort of form either high up on Spotify’s New Music Friday or being relentlessly covered by YouTubers. Perfect and the awful, awful pastiche track 2002, we’re looking at you.

The only respite? When Anne-Marie dials it down for Then, a side to her that’s much needed and we arguably could do with more of across these twelve tracks that essentially feel like an exhausting marathon. It’s not a route we’d like to go by again, but we’re happy to give Anne-Marie another chance given the bonus tracks (particularly Breathing Fire and Some People) are a testament to how great she really can be. Until then, though? Ciao, adios, we’re done.

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Anne-Marie - Speak Your Mind
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