REVIEW: Bob Moses – Days Gone By

Earlier this year, we hadn’t even heard of Bob Moses. Hell, if you said that name to us we’d probably think it were some joke X Factor duo (“Hi I’m Bob” – “Hi I’m Moses” – “Together we are…” etc). Funnily enough, their name apparently comes from ‘urban planner’ Robert Moses, though how much of this is just buzz lore to lol at bloggers is something we can’t really be bothered sussing out.

Origins aside, the one thing they’re rather serious about is this downbeat electronica they peddle. Days Gone By, the debut from the DJ/producer duo of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, isn’t so much about the past as it is the present, specifically the grotty part of a club where hedonists are slowly losing themselves on a floor forgotten by time and senses.

Journeying through the record is a dimly-lit affair, with openers Like It Or Not and Talk like a trip-hop underbelly we forgot. And it’s not just the little intimate flourishes that set these two apart (the karate yelps on Talk, the layers of vocal behind Tearing Me Up). It’s the fact that despite the usual constraints of their genre, they’ve broken free to make a hugely accessible chart record.

How do they do that? By creating melodies that you want to instantly rush back to on songs like Too Much Is Never Enough and Nothing At All, to the point that the grayscale tone of the record doesn’t feel like an issue. There’s no desire for colour or a faster tempo, because the space Bob Moses inhabit is so damn perfect for them that we wouldn’t want them to upset their balance. A storming first effort, then, as Days Gone By merely heralds quite an exciting career to come.

Days Gone By by Bob Moses can be ordered here.

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Bob Moses - Days Gone By
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