There’s a strong chance Jordan Asher is filled with regret. Sure, that album has propelled him to international fame, but it’s now beginning to feel like a millstone around his neck. As Boots, nothing he has produced since (barring Dream, which also featured you-know-who) has remotely matched up, leading us to believe that he’s largely served better behind the scenes rather than fronting his own outfit.

On AQUARIA, that sense becomes even more acute. True to its name, it turns out to be quite a difficult body to wade through, rarely allowing us to catch breath as we’re assaulted with labyrinthine cuts that rarely go anywhere. If the density of Brooklyn Gamma is a tough enough opener, it’s soon followed by a rapid-fire C.U.R.E that’s all smoke and very little else.

The thing with Boots is that he’s still hard to place as an artist – his beats may be on point, but as a songwriter he can’t do as much with them as someone else could (“UFOs in the USA” is one of several WTF moments in an album full of bizarre ranting). The man’s intentions are certainly good, but at the moment these Boots certainly don’t look like they’re made for walking a long distance.

AQUARIA by Boots can be ordered here.