REVIEW: BOY – We Were Here

Girls have disbanded, Kate Boy are taking their time, so that leaves us with BOY as our gender-specific band of choice. But that’s not to say they should ever be a default; in fact, listening to We Were Here, it baffles us that Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass haven’t gained more appreciation from these shores.

Their M.O. is simple: radio-friendly road-pop with an electronic tint and a focus on light harmonies. That charisma keeps them coursing along on tracks like Fear, summing up the drama of youth to the sound of an infectious chorus. Elsewhere, Hotel sort of hits the middle ground between The Staves, First Aid Kit, and Smoke Fairies as a wistful folk-leaning track.

There are detours to the twee (Hit My Heart) and it while it may lack the glossy, disaffected hipster sheen of Say Lou Lou, to be honest BOY are a much more endearing duo. They are anything but could, making us feel every ache on New York and as the album winds down with two stunning, twinkly alt-folk ballads. Worth a punt if you’ve got some spare bob.

We Were Here by BOY can be ordered here.

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BOY - We Were Here
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