REVIEW: Craig David – The Time Is Now

Christ, it only feels like a hot minute since we last had a Craig David album, after years without one. Which maybe gives an indication as to why the man’s album is titled what it is.

It’s fair (and probably a bit sceptical) to think that maybe Craig David really does think The Time Is Now – ride the wave of second-wind popularity, continue working with cool collaborators, and hope that people can buy it while his star still shines.

That sense of cash-in certainly smothers the entire album, with old CD throwing all sorts of shit at the wall in the hope that it sticks. Magic and Heartline are identikit pop that could have been churned out by anyone, and even Brand New feels, well, old. The sort of thing The Chainsmokers might make if they had a bit of nous, though not the sort that even Craig David’s charisma can pull off.

So there’s dull dancehall with Going On, embarrassing trap on the equally embarrassingly-named For The Gram. The only recall of his last album is the brilliant and kaleidoscopic Live In The Moment – this is the sort of thing Craig David should be making, but instead he’s bowed down so low that he’s fallen out of grace and favour. His time really is now, because we can’t imagine anyone would want to re-e-wind this shit.

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Craig David - The Time Is Now
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