REVIEW: Daniel Johns – Talk

Daniel Johns - Talk

A lot has been made of Daniel Johns and his new solo-career post-Silverchair. To be fair, a lot of what the Australian electronic-pop star has released on Soundcloud has been worthy of fair praise, with tracks like Cool On Fire and Preach being massive R&B-indebted jams that make full use of Johns’ luminous falsetto.

But, inevitably, vanity triumphs over quality on Talk and Johns loses us over the gruelling course of 15 tracks. If his singles highlight everything he’s good at, album tracks like We Are Golden and Too Many zip and blip with no real purpose, ultimately ruining all the good work gone before. Moreover, Johns’ penchant for over-production and melodrama makes much of the second half (tracks like New York and Going On 16) quite overwrought and less than palatable.

There’s a great six-track EP in here somewhere, but having to self-curate is never a strong sign for a full-length record. Given the endless stream, Talk feels like an appropriate title in the end. It’ll just take quite a stubborn ear to actually listen out for the pearls delivered within it all.

Talk by Daniel Johns can be ordered here.

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Daniel Johns - Talk
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