REVIEW: dvsn – Sept. 5th

Another day, another OVO act out of Canada trying to peddle some form of neo-R&B. Just as Majid Jordan misfired on their debut and have pretty much faded from memory, along come mystery duo dvsn who, after a couple of decent singles, drop a full-length in the form of Sept 5th.

So here’s the thing with all of these Drake-related acts, and the very issue that befalls this debut: nothing ever feels organic. Opener With Me is a seven-minute stretch of tortured vocals in the name of passion, with the same looped nocturnal beats and odd bit of backing here and there. It’s about as intense as filing your nails while watching a repeat of Brookside on Gold (or Watch or whatever it’s called).

Even when there’s cause to sit up, it’s quickly squandered. Too Deep features a rather lovely choral backing, quickly pissed on by the same old bed-wetting R&B sound that people seem to think is the new wave. Among all the endless trap beds and overwrought singing, there are no prizes for guessing the sentiment that prevails – yep, another act peddling a highly original come-hither message, with contrived lines like “you’re my therapy” and other such nonsense. It all points to one thing, really: the OVO stable really needs to up its complacent game, because Sept. 5th is a tragedy of such large proportion that it might as well add another six days to that date.

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dvsn - Sept. 5th
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