REVIEW: Fickle Friends – You Are Someone Else

Poor Fickle Friends. They spend years crafting a particular indie-pop sound, only for a big budget Paramore to come and swipe it right away from them with more acclaim than they deserved. For shame.

But imitation will only get you so far, and truth be told Fickle Friends deliver a debut album that’s so warm and sunny that it ought to establish them as commercial artists to adore. You Are Someone Else kicks off with new track Wake Me Up, the Brighton band lay down their M.O. in the way we know and love – a mixture of melodic indie with some synth-pop and guitar swirls, all resulting in proper air-punch moments.

We dare you not to get lost in their stadium-ready Glue, or the still-brilliant sheen of their early work like Swim. And even their weaker moments like Bite are immediately balanced with irresistible songs like Hard To Be Myself, proof that the time Fickle Friends spent honing their craft among blogs was not wasted in the slightest.

Despite the inevitable comparisons, You Are Someone Else deserves to be a success. Importantly for a debut act, every song feels like a Fickle Friends song, stamped with their identity and vibrancy. Of course, as with most debut albums on a major label, the desire to get material out there means there’s a slight issue with quality control; however, Fickle Friends hit so many marks so regularly that, really, it’s hard to do much other than celebrate them.

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Fickle Friends - You Are Someone Else
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