REVIEW: Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being

Oh, Glass Animals. The scamps of indie-pop, the sort of hashtag-lads who name songs Season 2 Episode 3 and Pork Soda. And of course, call their album How To Be A Human Being because, you know, lols. It’s so sledgehammer quirky, so affected hipster that it’s easy to be cynical… but dammit don’t they have the tunes to make it all worthwhile.

Take the opener Life Itself. It crackles open like we’re in the parlour of a Chinese courtesan, soon chucking that for a more sub-continent beat as we’re half expecting Asha Bhosle – or Bombay Bicycle Club – to start singing instead. They keep us riveted with their slant on indie, tribal on the first track and then giving it a surprising bit of heart on the next one, Youth.

And of course, they wouldn’t really be committing to the eccentricity without lyrics to match. So there are lines that stick out, such as a diatribe detailing “pineapples are in my head” or “she said I look fat but I look fantastic”. It’s backed up with sublime flecks of unusual instrumentation, flitting between 8-bit glitches, two-step vibes on Cane Shuga and even barmy humanised woofs on The Other Side Of Paradise. Whatever they do, though, they do it well and with enough charm to make us buy into it completely. We’re not sure we want to follow their manual on how to be a human being, but it’s bloody good fun to give it a try.

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Glass Animals - How To Be A Human Being
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