REVIEW: Gorgon City – Sirens

Production duos, eh? To paraphrase a Joan Rivers (RIP) segment on Fashion Police: gotta have ’em, or make ’em stop? Whether it’s Disclosure, Bondax, or this lot here Gorgon City, seems we can’t move without a new house-pop banger propping up the higher end of the chart these days.

And of course, where a production outfit is found, the array of belting vocalists isn’t aren’t far behind. In that respect, Sirens feels like an apt title on a couple of levels: the fact that there’s a lot of ‘call-the-police’ potential for shape-throwing, and that by far the key tracks come from Gorgon City’s impeccable selection of female singers. Katy B on Lover Like You, Laura Welsh on Here For You, or the upcoming Katy Menditta on Imagination – all of them deliver mesmerising performances over beats both sun-kissed and nocturnal clubland.

The rest of it commits the cardinal sin of any record: being  bit boring. Sure, comparisons are lazy etc etc but there’s bound to be some measure between the north London pair and their nearest counterparts, Disclosure. Where Sirens falls slightly short is variety and resonance: (deep breath) there’s barely a change in BPM across the record, the beats feel plastic, it’s hard to imagine tracks like Erik Hassle‘s FTPA (yep, fuck the pain away) sticking with us beyond a day, and Jennifer Hudson‘s turn is more like a pound-shop Mary J Blige. But Gorgon City represent the last hurrah of a night out: we’ve heard it all before, we won’t remember a thing in the morning, but fuck us if we don’t still dance till the lights go on.

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Gorgon City - Sirens
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