REVIEW: Grace Potter – Midnight

Grace Potter, then. One of those sidelined alt-pop-rock chicks who seems to always be the bridesmaid, never the bride. Not even when she was the bride of her own band, although now she’s shed “& the Nocturnals” and struck out on her very own for Midnight, her solo debut.

It is – as expected – a relentless chart assault that aims to make every one of its song as hit. For the most part it succeeds, with soaring choruses on tracks like Hot To The Touch and Alive Tonight, which perhaps more people would be creaming over if they came from Scandinavia. With any luck, though, Potter might use this no-frills moxie to break through good and proper, even if it is on the doo-wop pop of Your Girl.

Of course, what this means is generally not much cohesion and some very overwrought, sledgehammer singing. At times it makes us the Potter from Falling Or Flying, but at other times it’s great to see even more confidence from the lass who gave us The Divide. Not a bad album by any stretch of imagination, then. Just a shame that – in the UK at least – it’s probably the best pop album of 2015 that no one will actually hear.

Midnght by Grace Potter can be ordered here.

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Grace Potter - Midnight
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