REVIEW: Jason Derulo – Everything Is 4

How Jason Derulo is allowed a career after the horrendous Talk Dirty is beyond us. But there’s something admirable about a man who can transcend name-related parody in a way Craig David couldn’t and still churn out reasonable pop tunes (that Dirty one excluded).

Derulo’s new album Everything Is 4 – we assume so clunkily titled because of Queen Bey‘s governance of 4 – might well keep him people’s memories for the right reasons, because it’s filled with precisely those perfectly useless yet profitable journeys through novelty R&B-pop. However, “Derulo” (he’s dropped the full name chant for obvious reasons) kicks off in style with Want To Want Me, a perfect party-starter for the record and a surprising showcase for that deft falsetto.

But trust him to ruin it by trying to emulate his Talk Dirty success. Get Ugly is quite possibly the most ridiculous song the genre has ever seen, but there’s no doubt that ‘diddle-diddle’ chorus is going to infect nations of chart-making public. Suppose there’s something to be said for a man who can emerge from songs like this and Pull Up relatively unscathed, but dear God this needs to stop soon.

Lyrically, of course, it’s still in the vein of digestible, forgettable lines. Cheyenne is delightfully spiky, but peppered with the usual “thinking ’bout yo’ everything” shtick; meanwhile Love Like That has the odd forbidden romance twist of “I’m making love to his girl but he’s still my nigga”. Safe to say we won’t ever be in favour of making Jason Derulo anyone’s best man.

Collaborations turn up and tick boxes, as Derulo manages to fit even Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban into his mould of annoying pre-chorus breakdown with quirky instruments (Talk Dirty’s sax is now a harmonica). Jennifer Lopez‘s contributions are perfunctory, and the mere presence of beige shade du jour Meghan Trainor should give you quite the indication of what sort of album is this. Ain’t no magic numbers here for Jason Derulo, because on this record everything is 4-gettable.

Everything Is 4 by Jason Derulo can be ordered here

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Jason Derulo - Everything Is 4
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