REVIEW: Justine Skye – Ultraviolet

How many new R&B girls do we need? Well, if you asked us a year or two ago we’d probably say loads, especially if Justine Skye were running right in front. Now, with her new album Ultraviolet? Maybe not so much.

It’s a shame because Justine Skye has had that organic Kehlani-esque growth online, which she seems to have fallen prey to in the same way. In fact, not just Kehlani – like Tinashe and Jhene Aiko too, Skye’s initial USP seems to have been sanded down into me-too sounds of tired trap (Goodlove) and boring attempts at commercial traction (U Don’t Know).

Gone are the feistier snaps of her older songs like Bandit, replaced with R&B so run-of-the-mill you’ll actively try to forget songs while they’re still going. The few saving graces? Don’t Think About It pops just the right amount, while Heaven reminds us exactly what she’s good at: fresh, melodic bops that run alongside her charisma rather than swallow it. Ultraviolet is certainly not the best or brightest Justine Skye can offer, so we’d rather keep our shades on than bask in this particular light again.

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Justine Skye - Ultraviolet
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