REVIEW: Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once

So here’s the thing with us and Kylie – we’ll rank her with Britney Spears. Not because we think they’re both incredible neo-divas of pop, but because we’ll happily listen to them on the radio, we’ve appreciated the hits they’ve created, yet ultimately they’re examples of how producers are much less interchangeable than vocalists. That might sound unfair, but nobody is going to rate Kylie as the world’s greatest singer, are they?

That being said, once you accept what you’re getting, Kiss Me Once is a relatively enjoyable pop record. The move to Roc Nation seems perfunctory at best (our hopes of getting another Skirt were in vain), and there are the same niggles as with any Kylie record, but there’s a decent amount to enjoy here even for non-Kylie fans like us.

Highlights? Into The Blue, armed with a mammoth chorus to shame most pop songs. I Was Gonna Cancel, which sees old Pharrell still churning out funk-pop goodness. And even though Sexercize has a cringe-worthy title, there are some pretty bold and eccentric production flourishes.

But a Kylie record is a Kylie record, which means there’s always going to be dross like  Les Sex and that quite frankly abhorrent Enrique duet, Beautiful. Like our old friend Britney Jean, there is an element of complacency that even a label change can’t shake; there’s such a distinct lack of verve and passion that it’ll never be memorable. Still, for what it’s worth, Kylie seems to know the score: Kiss Me Once, just once, and then instantly forget about it.