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We’re always a bit torn when acts get fast-tracked to an album release just a year after emerging. On one hand we’re rather pleased at the dispensation of faff and getting straight bloody to it; on the other hand there’s the sense of a rushed gestation before an act has fully formed, what we like to call Alessia Cara syndrome.

Luckily, New Zealand collective Leisure very much fall into the former category, with their self-titled debut album a very tight collection of the electronic R&B they’ve done very well out of so far. Arguably we’ve heard a great deal of this already: Hot Love, Take It To The Top, Got It Bad and the like are dispensed with quite early, sounding just as resplendent in their delicate baby-making coos as they did when we first heard them.

Which leaves newer tracks like Deeper to fill in any cracks, if you can even call them that on an album that feels at once both organic and meticulously planned. There’s no room for wayward notes, no deviation from that twilight tone and the sense of sensuality that doesn’t feel remotely lecherous. All Over You and Something About You echo that, and it’s certainly at that point that you sit back and realise that five lads from Auckland might well have a better grasp over what constitutes as sexy R&B than any genre stalwarts.

By the time we’re winding down with Your Love and the spectacularly reserved-funk highlight Til The End Of Time – probably their best track to date, which is saying something – Leisure have made us feel like we’ve had a night of just that as we slowly come up for air after wrestling with a sandwich of lightly-sweated flesh and satin sheets. It’s smooth, it’s classy, it’s timeless as hell, and it certainly feels as delightful as their name would suggest. Don’t miss it.

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Leisure - Leisure
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