REVIEW: Little Dragon – Season High

Ah, the case of the misleading singles. We were very excited about the bolder direction Little Dragon were going in after Sweet and High, the latter in particular one of their finest tracks to date.

But somewhere that sense of fun and feeling gets lost, and Season High plateaus too early. Not in the first leg though, as Yukimi Nagano coos her way brilliantly through Celebrate and the low-key disco-tinted The Pop Life. She’s certainly never sounded more confident, that’s for sure.

The problem starts after the startling and profound Butterflies, after which there seems to be a discord between voice and production. Should I feels like it was made in two separate instalments, neither of them fully au fait with the other and content to go in different directions. Don’t Cry, meanwhile, doesn’t reach the emotional depth it’s clearly aiming for, instead languishing in a colder space.

It’s a shame, given how strongly the album starts off. By the time we reach the close, Little Dragon’s beats are so unremarkable (Strobe Light) that they let down their frontwoman and the album itself. Darkness can work for them with a bit of pep but for a creature as wondrous as this Dragon, the industrial route is unsurprisingly an ill fit.

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Little Dragon - Season High
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