REVIEW: Lucy Rose – Something’s Changing

We’ve all seen it under every tweet from almost every musician: “Come to Brazil,” they say, to the point that it’s almost become a running joke in the music industry. Except for her new album Lucy Rose decided to take it seriously, with Something’s Changing being a companion piece to her fan-organised tour of South America.

We’ve seen the documentary and it does add an extra dimension of gravitas to the songs she presents on this new record. It’s also arguably her best work to date, a series of searingly raw and honest songwriting, stripped down to the bare basics and letting th purity of her sound do the talking.

It’s most evident on early tracks Is this Called Home? and Floral Dresses. With The Staves for backup, Rose holds up her fears in a way that’s hard to resist, the latter in particular so strong it could well sit up their with the Watford sisters’ own catalogue. But this is very much a Lucy Rose record, taking a welcome break from the poppier side of her previous album and renewing both our and her own excitement in the music.

So she waltzes gently on Second Chance, while¬†Love Song¬†brings with it a sincerity that’d melt even the stoniest heart. The production is forever warm, the piano and strings on Moirai populating the gaps between Rose’s tones like nothing else; it’s quintessentially Rose, it’s quintessentially British (the gentle brass on I Can’t Change It All is to die for), and it certainly could be both Rose and the genre’s finest work for a long, long time. Maybe more people should ‘come to Brazil’ after all.

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Lucy Rose - Something's Changing
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