REVIEW: Majid Jordan – Majid Jordan

When all is said and done with Majid Jordan, let’s hope their legacy isn’t as rudimentary as their name. In that it’s, well, a little bit X-Factor: “hi I’m Majid, hi I’m Jordan, together we are Majid Jordan!”

Unfortunately on their self-titled debut, there’s very little that challenges beyond that kind of construction, or that surpasses their previous – and very excellent – EP. Take the opener Learn From Each Other for example. “Always thought you were a person of substance/ but then when you left you had nothing to say” is a line sung over a pretty standard ambient electronic beat. The levels aren’t tremendous to be honest.

It’s a massive shame for this duo to be honest, because they have sizeable potential beyond their ubiquitous Drake collaboration (the man pops up for his functional schtick on My Love). The problem with this record is that it doesn’t make us feel much. The beats are kind but unmoving (including an embarrassing drum-pad program on Shake Shake Shake). The vocals are pleasant but without show-stopping moment. And the words seem as perfunctory as a university lecture on R&B 101 would bestow.

In the end, tracks run into one another – like Small Talk and Pacifico – for a course of bed-wetting R&B that would put The Weeknd to shame. They might scrape by on a zeitgeist at the moment, but Majid Jordan would need to severely up their game considerably for us to call them genre contenders.

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Majid Jordan - Majid Jordan
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