REVIEW: Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day

mazzystarHere’s a fun fact: we were ten years old when Mazzy Star released their last album in 1996. Ten. We had just about got our head around the Spice Girls and were entering the vast wilderness of pre-puberty, while Hope Sandoval and David Roback were creating the seminal All Your Sisters, Into Dust, and Fade Into You (a song so perfect that no number of cover versions – Lord knows there are many – could ever dilute its charm).

Those 17 years could have been 17 days; the band have said they never stopped making music, and it shows. Take the downright incredible California – recalling the hazy sunshine of its namesake, it’s an elegiac moment that could well have been from the Mazzy Star heyday.

It’s so hard not to get carried away in the dreamy Americana that the duo produce. I’ve Gotta Stop is that late-night truck-stop lament, Common Burn is the last flicker of a candle, while the title track is up there in the Mazzy Star echelons of hopeful melancholy. It’s a beautiful, beautiful moment that proves just how much power is in their restraint.

Mazzy Star’s influences are far-reaching and numerous, whether it’s Yo La Tengo or the xx or Lana Del Rey. While they may be criminally unsung in many circles, their reach is undeniable – Seasons of Your Day is just another highlight in a stellar career, one that proves that theirs is music to span generations and remain relevant throughout.