REVIEW: Metric – Pagans In Vegas

Oh, Metric. As one of the few female-fronted indie bands with some mainstream clout these days, you could be so much more. What’s more, you’ve got charisma by the bucket, a catalogue of decent if unremarkable tunes, and a fan following that could really make a difference.

But instead of being a Braids or a Wolf Alice, the Canadian lot’s Pagans In Vegas is content to wade in its own mediocrity, making statements that wouldn’t be out of place on an Etsy cushion. It is in parts admirable – like Lie Lie Lie‘s “oh I suppose I brought it on myself” swipe at the patriarchy, but it’s done with such a crude and rudimentary couplets that there’s no weight behind it.

Melodically, they’ve still got something there that prevents us from writing Metric off completely. Fortunes has an enjoyable romp of a chorus, and The Shade delivers radio-friendly 8-bit riffing. But by and large it’s wasted among basic statements and genre detours that don’t quite work (like the sub-EDM of Celebrate, or a flatline named Cascades). What’s worse is that it’s presented with a confidence that lacks basic self-awareness, but then that’s the thing with Pagans In Vegas – they think it’s something to shout about, oblivious to the fact that they’re painfully commonplace.

Pagans In Vegas by Metric can be ordered here. But we’d advise thinking very carefully before you do.

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Metric - Pagans In Vegas
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