REVIEW: MIKA – No Place In Heaven

It’s hard to hear any track by MIKA and not immediately recoil. It’s not that we’re killjoys or averse to anything that sounds like it could happily soundtrack a VT in a children’s TV show, but MIKA’s brand of piano-driven placebo-pop has always been a bit too saccharine for our tastes.

No Place In Heaven, then, is full-on technicolour diabetes for us. His is a style that feels like it belongs in the era of Steps; All She Wants (appropriately a David Sneddon co-write) is a perfect example of that, reaching for 70s harmonies but ending up being relentless irksome.

Ballads like Last Party and Hurts come and go with Gary Barlow levels of forced sincerity, and you’ve heard all you need to by the halfway point. No Place In Heaven is everything modern male pop does not need to be, everything the genre needs to get away from, and a collection of songs that should really earn MIKA a special place in auditory hell.

No Place In Heaven by MIKA can be ordered here. But don’t bother coming back here if you do. 

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MIKA - No Place In Heaven
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