REVIEW: Mystery Jets – Curve Of The Earth

We could just keep this review short and say: in which Mystery Jets become Bombay Bicycle Club. That might sound a bit mean but come on, we were still surprised that these Jets survived beyond that teen-leaning, Radio 1 weekend sorta indie that was over-prevalent in the 00s.

But hey, they’re here, and they’re actually faring better than you’d expect on Curve Of The Earth. Opener Telomere has got all the ingredients for an indie smash – a bit of piano to back those crashing guitars, a chorus that could easily fill an arena, and loads of indie-band phrasing that doesn’t really mean much.

And hell, they’re nothing but endearing on sparser tracks like Bombay Blue (practically inviting that earlier comparison, to be honest). The cascading melody is easy to get on board with despite it camouflaging lines like “the more that you hide it, the darkness stains your skin”.

Of course, there’s the usual radio-baiting dross like Bubblegum and overreaching balladry like 1985, which means none of the highlights counterbalance the flaws they’ve had since their inception. If they can break out of that laddish mentality and aim for the sincerity of the record’s first half, they might actually have a shot at becoming something other than an indie footnote in a saturated market.

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Mystery Jets - Curve Of The Earth
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