REVIEW: Nadia Nair – Beautiful Poetry

It’s the classic case of diversion. While the whole world lost its shit over one Swede called Seinabo Sey – and remained disappointed in the aftermath – another fellow Scandi-lass grafted much harder in the spotlight and remained criminally overlooked. Indeed, Nadia Nair is perhaps the deep, soulful star the country needed, and it’s with her debut Beautiful Poetry that this fact becomes ever so apparent.

Of course, it’s that booming vocal that lodges itself in your memory more than anything – Nair absolutely trounces over a tribal beat on Hardships, the track that should by all counts have made her a breakthrough star. Cleopatra takes that vibe further and deeper into the jungle, with Nair balancing her soulful vocal with a machine-gun cadence of invention.

Through it all, it’s hard not to find yourself utterly entranced by every note Nair emits, such is the force of her charisma. We’re rapt by every tale, keen to see where it goes next – motions and beats counteract every expectation (where most albums start to flag, Blow comes as a tail-end powerhouse that probably deserved higher billing), and Nair comes out emerging like an uncompromising star. Poetry doesn’t get much more beautiful, or surprising, than this.

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Nadia Nair - Beautiful Poetry
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