REVIEW: Purity Ring – Another Eternity

Purity Ring. Say it again. Purity Ring. It just sounds like some kind of ‘virgin asshole’ joke waiting to happen, but we’re a classy sort here so we’re going to avoid that and stick to the facts. Another Eternity is the follow up to the Edmonton duo’s 2012 debut, comprising the CHVRCHES-esque vocal talents of Megan Jones and instrumental production of Corin Roddick.

Plenty of people became familiar with Purity Ring’s dreamy synth-fuelled pop noise when they created a blinding remix of Lady Gaga’s Applause in 2013. Rightly so, we say. It was a serious remix of an already well-produced track and showcased what they’re capable of in a post-Fineshrine pop realm.

The album pretty much takes that talent and runs with it. Singles Begin Again and Repetition open the doors to what is a well-balanced and enjoyable album, though surprisingly they’re not the standout tracks. Begin Again is a lo-fi, or slightly lower-fi, offering along with the equally beautiful Dust Hymn, both of which provide a bit of welcome respite amid plenty of shaking bass that makes you wonder if you’re actually undergoing dental work (in the best way, of course: all the high with none of the drilling).

Bodyache and Push Pull serve up lashings of that snaking bass production, coarse synth and almost Jamaican dub sounds in the lighter moments; all the classic ingredients for a record that will appeal to any noise fiend. But the true blessing in this creation is highlighted in tracks like Flood on the Floor and Stillness in Woe. This album doesn’t contain superfluous lyrical meanderings – the vocals are well thought through, the melodies float above the mish-mash of the electronic foundations, the lyrics are in places like something from one of Grimm’s fairy tales. More importantly, Megan James is not just another pretty front-woman, she’s contributing something refreshingly intelligent in taking this heftily-produced work on a journey of emotions.

But with stellar tracks like Sea Castle, and despite the occasional feeling of monotony, it’s clear that this lot mean business. Another Eternity has the attitude to do whatever the fuck it wants, with identifiable room for development and growth. It might not prompt a rapturous standing ovation at first, but it certainly leaves you with the enjoyable heady buzz of having had one too many blue WKDs on the waltzers: it’s that familiar experience we’ve all had before, but it’s always 100% worth it.

Nikki Gandy

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Purity Ring - Another Eternity
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