REVIEW: Rhye – Blood

Rhye influenced a generation of pop. This much is indisputable. Without them a generation of me-too electronic-soul wouldn’t exist, no smoothness of touch in all of your faves, and their absence (and line-up change) in five years has done nothing to dent that.

Does the world still need Rhye after so long, with an album like Blood? You only need to get into first track Waste to know that the answer is a resounding yes. These are arrangements that can’t be taught, a mixture of beat and strings with the deft and gentle flicks of an artist caressing an oil painting.

The depth in this record is phenomenal. Milosh keeps the band’s signature sound by tiptoeing through songs like Please, erring on the right side of late-night Smooth FM soul. These are songs filled with both class and romance, tied together with a sense of maturity that makes them feel lived-in. So many acts try this vibe, but none make it as memorable as Rhye.

It is quite hard to fault Blood as a record. Song For You is ironically a song that gets lost in its own joy, twirling with a sense of contentment while never seeming aloof. It may fall fractionally short as a record in a more electronic-leaning final act, but the sincerity is never in question. Rhye’s Blood pumps with naked emotion, and it’s already incredibly difficult for us to get out from under our skin.

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Rhye - Blood
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