REVIEW: Rhye – Woman

We hate a lazy comparison as much as the next person, so let’s get this out of our system right now: SADE SADE SADE SADE AND NOT MARQUIS DE SADE.

Whew. Now that that’s been expunged, we can start talking about the hot tip for 2013, Rhye. Smooth, silky soul that literally cannot be faulted, this male equivalent of Ms Adu is forcing us to run out superlatives.

Key tracks Shed Some Blood, 3 Days, and Open (along with the widely-touted lead single The Fall) melt you in surprising ways, never going for the cheap ‘baby-I-want-to-make-you-moist’ kind of R&B we’re so used to hearing from artistes of the same ilk.

Think of a less whiney Weeknd, add the mood of a Miami sunset and you’re pretty much at Rhye: baby-making music so potent you could even do it from the back entrance. Buy this at the first opportunity.

(Did we mentionĀ it’s like the second coming of Sade?)