It’s a known fact that dance, and more often dance-pop, can be the world’s most easily tired genre. It’s so hard to infuse something fresh to it – Bob Moses managed last year, and by the Christ do RÜFÜS (or RÜFÜS DU SOL, or whatever you wanna call them) manage it on their new album Bloom, which is essentially an advert for starting the UK summer in January.

The Aussie trio start with a trickle (steady). Rain filters down almost as if out of politeness, before giving way to a track appropriately called Brighter. Already there’s the theme of sun-soaked growth, and that’s precisely the vibe that joyously infects the whole album. If the production is largely simple, it’s easily offset by the almost disconcerting knack for pop-hit melody that the trio have – every song has a winning cadence, whether it’s You Were Right or the terrific Say A Prayer For Me. There’s freshness in their throwback, and an exquisite charm in the layered vocals.

Of course, like any record of this ilk, there’s a certain element of fatigue towards the final act – anyone’s feet would get tired by the end of the night – but RÜFÜS do so much right that it’s hard to hold it against them. Even the lower-tempo Daylight and Hypnotised (which refreshingly drafts in a female vocal to tremendous effect) bring a level of depth that you wouldn’t find in anything that purports to be a commercial dance record. In the end, that’s their biggest credit: they take something seemingly simple, water it with their immaculate sensibilities, and make a staid genre, well, bloom.

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RÜFÜS - Bloom
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