REVIEW: Say Lou Lou – Lucid Dreaming

Ah, Say Lou Lou. We like you, but we’ve never been sure if we love you. Reasons? Beloved was stunning, but your live performances have let us down. Games For Girls and Nothing But A Heartbeat were a double-whammy of incredible, but half of your debut album has left us a bit cold.

However, when twins Miranda and Elektra nail it on Lucid Dreaming, they genuinely fill us with excitement about the potential of a sister act like this in a crowded electronic pop market. Peppermint tingles a little bit extra as part of the record, and Wilder Than The Wind is one of the better realised slow-pop numbers, of which there seem to be an alarming number.

The problem is it all feels so icy and disconnected. The production is immaculate to a literal fault, the sheen of studio stripping the girls of any proper personality. We can’t tell where Miranda ends and Elektra starts, neither can we glean any discernible character from the whole. Where another set of twins channeled their blood relation to deliver endless goosebumps, Say Lou Lou keep things coasting at a very functional level.

So where do they go from here? If we have a say in it: pick some more exciting producers, and hit a register that aspires to more than indifference. Take more notes from songs like Julian and demand more of what their talent deserves, instead of the predictable turns of Angels (Above Me). Until that happens, they’ll very much be mired in the problem we all have with lucid dreaming: neither asleep nor wide awake, it’s the sort of reverie that remains ultimately unfulfilled.

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Say Lou Lou - Lucid Dreaming
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