REVIEW: Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUntil now, it must have sucked to be Sky Ferreira. We all know the story – prematurely signed by a record label, a career unceremoniously tattered, and a veritable dossier on how execs really do trample the hopes and dreams of fledgling talent.¬†Amazingly, Night Time, My Time has now seen the light of day, bare boobs, appropriate comma, the lot. Sure, it’s bereft of the brilliant Everything is Embarrassing, but it matters little when you’ve got an entire LP of new Sky Ferreira material.

There’s an edge to our heroine that completely sets her apart from her peers. Boys sets out a much rockier tone than chart pop-tarts, paving the way for the first great track, 24 Hours. It’s this precise blend of pop and rock, alternative and chart-friendly, that causes people to get excited about Sky Ferreira. With songs like Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay), it’s actually a wonder that Ferreira has been so embraced by pop fans, given the sound treads closer to shoegaze and gloomy art-rock betrayed by the title.

The most immediately accessible cuts here are You’re Not The One and I Blame Myself (incisively followed by the words ‘for my reputation’), but it never feels like pandering to a certain stratum of listeners. Just as they’re over, we’re back to the fuzzy production of Kristine and I Will, which in turn are followed by the poppier Love In Stereo. At this point, everything is unpredictable.

There’s a lot of anger on this album, justifiably so, and more than just a literal baring of the self. Night Time, My Time may not be the year’s greatest album, but it’s that heartening sound of a voice kicking down doors to be heard; there hasn’t been an album title with more defiant and appropriate use of a possessive personal pronoun in recent memory. Of course it’s hers. It’s all hers.