REVIEW: Sofi de la Torre – Another. Not Me. I’m Done.

“Pop done right”. Over the course of her reasonably young career so far, Spanish artist Sofi de la Torre seems to have honoured the statement attached to her work. It’s no surprise that her album comes with an equally outré title: Another. Not Me. I’m Done.

Yep, the mood is doleful R&B-pop from the off. And it’s a sound move that de la Torre kicks things off with $, an astounding fuck-you that’s so haunting in its raw emotion that you can feel the pain behind the anger. It’s a showcase of what she’s capable of: not just the surface-level feeling, but a window into the layer behind it. “That’s a lot of hidden pain,” she fires at the ex in question. It’s a statement that could be just as true of her as them.

If that mood doesn’t grip you, then Sofi de la Torre’s debut collection isn’t for you. This is R&B-pop that reaches the lower recesses of the genre, preferring to shroud itself in protective darkness rather than go for the big set-pieces. It works to an extent, but it spends spends a bit too long sulking in the shadows: Old You and Nike Grey have the same message as before but diluted with repeat, while Views of You doesn’t quite land despite it’s opening “fuck me up, fuck me up” salvo.

But even while that schtick wears incredibly thin by the time 3 Is The New 2 rolls around, what’s consistent is Sofi de la Torre’s commitment to the role. The vocal flutters, it’s restrained, and it certainly leaves us wanting more from her. All she needs to do is avoid becoming a female version of The Weekend, throw us a bit more range, and we’ll happily ask for another. Otherwise we’re the ones who really will be done.

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Sofi de la Torre - Another. Not Me. I'm Done.
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