REVIEW: Superhumanoids – Do You Feel OK?

You’d be forgiven for not knowing or caring who Superhumanoids are up until this year. The LA synth-pop trio have properly popped up on radars with delectable tastes of their new LP Do You Feel OK?, all of which have pulsed with a clarity and confidence they haven’t come close to before.

Anxious In Venice – opening the album – is a perfect example of that, with Sarah Chernoff taking her time over a pounding beat that opens up at the same time her voice does (those yelps are glorious). As it bleeds into the menacing synths of Oh Me I, it’s apparent that this isn’t the glassy and pristine electronica of, say, Purity Ring. Superhumanoids aren’t afraid to get a little bit grottier or straight-up pop, which is what makes Norwegian Black Metal or the title track so much more accessible than some of their more aloof peers.

So there’s personality in droves, and there’s certainly a tremendous amount of promise on the right track, but there’s still a minor disconnect with the album as a whole. The band succeed more in the delicate and breathier tones of a Dull Boy, which acts as welcome refreshment from the rigorously outlined genre tropes across the board. Still, what Superhumanoids do, they do well (I Want To Believe is pure Drive-esque 80s goodness) so to answer their album’s question: we feel more than OK, and perfectly satisfied.

Do You Feel OK? by Superhumanoids can be ordered here.

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Superhumanoids - Do You Feel OK?
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