REVIEW: Tacocat – Lost Time

What’s the line between being delightfully hipster and a joke too far? Whatever it is, it’s one that Seattle all-female pop-punk group Tacocat just about tread on their new album Lost Time. Hell, even the name itself is only barely on the right side of a meme.

It’s almost as if the band know that, much like the attention span of people who consume said memes, their time in the spotlight is short. As a result, only one track peeps over the 3-minute mark, the rest being furious sprints of guitar-driven fuzz that never outstay their welcome. So you have tracks like Dana Katherine Scully – to be fair, you could pick a worse idol – and You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit, along with a whole host of pop culture detours in between (Men Explain Things To Me is a particular highlight in a testosterone-fuelled world).

It’s slacker rock, it’s fun, but it doesn’t really amount to much substance. I Hate The Weekend is by far the standout, a galloping track that addresses generational ennui in strident form. For the rest of it, that riot grrl spirit is very much there (hell, it’s directly referenced on Horse Grrls), but it seems squandered on an album that’s happy just to surf Buzzfeed in its bedroom.

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Tacocat - Lost Time
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