TEEN, like their name suggests, have the potential to be a handful. Certainly from what we’ve heard so far from Love Yes, anyway – All About Us, is a feisty little shuffle of a kiss-off, Please is a searing autobiographical tale. The Lieberson sisters (and their cohort Boshra Al-Saadi) aren’t short of things to say or indeed ways to say them.

Which makes it all the more disappointing that this record comes across so, well, tame. The heart’s in the right place for opener Tokyo, but there’s something of a disconnect in their oblique electronica. Over-programmed sounds mar the vibe of Gone For Good, while Example tries to cram in too many ideas (and melodies) for it to be remotely effective.

It’s a shame, really, as TEEN ought to be quite the poster girls for indie feminism. Apart from the airy harmonies of Another Man’s Woman, there’s very little that seems entirely fresh in both thought and sound, and too much of it remains a facsimile of countless influences. But then that’s the thing with a teen: you come out all boisterous thinking you know everything, only to find that people have done it all before and definitely done it better,

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TEEN - Love Yes
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