REVIEW: The Aces – When My Heart Felt Volcanic

In a tired industry, The Aces are a bit of a marvel. They’ve been a band longer than some major label established acts have had careers, and they’re still in their early 20s.

Which is why their debut album – the brilliantly-titled When My Heart Felt Volcanic – sounds like the work of a group who have tightened their craft to such an extent that they already feel like a success. They break out of the diet-Haim comparisons that dogged them from the beginning, revealing an act that bridge the gap between pop and rock with absolute joy.

You only need the first two tracks to be able to tell that. Volcanic Love is a low-key, mid-tempo beginning but an emotional wallop, before early hit Stuck gives them a roundhouse-kick of an anthem to balance it out.

More to the point, The Aces have a relatable voice for the tumblr generation (“We could paint our love all over town/ Watch it go viral,” they sing rather endearingly on Lovin’ Is Bible). Whether they’re delivering fresh and digestibles missives across songs like the solid Fake Nice or, they seem to crystallise an album of firsts: first love, first pain, and first life experiences wrapped with a sense of innocence that’s hard to find in most newcomers.

Is there a bad moment on The Aces’ debut album? If there is, it’s very hard to find. Their harmonies – used sparingly but brilliantly – are a delight on the chorus of Last One, and never once do they feel like anything other than a unit. And with a gorgeous second half that contains gems such as Strong Enough, the Bangles-esque Stay, and the album standout Put It On The Line, it’s hard to deny one thing: not only are The Aces incredibly talented songwriters and performers, they’re also the only girlband that this generation truly deserves.

When My Heart Felt Volcanic is out on Friday; check out our podcast with The Aces below.

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The Aces - When My Heart Felt Volcanic
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