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We’re not going to pretend to be fully clued-in on The Helio Sequence‘s back catalogue because, quite frankly, The Helio Sequence haven’t really deigned to be spectacular enough to bother our attention. Until last week, when the latest single from the Oregon duo’s self-titled new album managed to make us sit up for a bit.

Upward Mobility is the best of what Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel can do. It’s scintillating, quietly attractive indie that feels simple, but reveals more with repeat listening. Mercifully that isn’t a total fluke, as the album’s Red Shifting and Leave Or Be Yours bring that same sort of singalong charm that blends Summers’ dream-hazed vocal with the wisftul guitar around it.

Simple is good, then, but straightforward is not. “I don’t need to be cool,” sings Summers on Deuces, which is clearly exemplified by the tick-box tour of indie-rock that the the rest of the album offers. There’s far too much of that here for this to be an album with any discernible meat (Seven Hours and Phantom Shore, we’re looking at you), but it does always say something when a band so far into their career finally make a self-titled album. As far as re-introductions go, this may be belated and perfectly pleasant, but ultimately feels inconsequential.

The Helio Sequence by The Helio Sequence can be ordered here.

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