REVIEW: Tink – Winter’s Diary 3

Another day, another mixtape. Our issues with this format aside, we’ve got a lot of time for Tink. Between her various collaborations and the recent taste of I Like, there’s no doubt in our minds that the singer/rapper has what it takes to take the genre to the next level. Why she hasn’t just dropped a proper full-length is anyone’s guess, but until then we’re sidled with a new instalment of the Winter’s Diary series.

The good news is that Tink’s flow is in fine form as always, whether she’s talking about “the kinda nigga they don’t make any more” on Very Very Special or Timbaland’s skittish production on L.E.A.S.H. More often than not, Tink rises above the mediocre beats she’s been given, trouncing over songs like Stripclub as she proves that the men behind her sound aren’t bringing anywhere near as much to the table as she is.

But there’s something missing as part of the cohesive whole, in rhymes as well as music – where before Tink was fire, this feels like a slowly rekindling ember. That could be something to do with the tumult of her career so far, but this diary feels more tentative, like a slow re-emergence from a low place. She’s still our hope for an exciting new rap/R&B star, but there’s probably a bit more gestation – and a few better production choices – needed before she can properly take that mantle.

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Tink - Winter's Diary 3
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