REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Wild

It’s easy to hate on YouTubers. After all, nothing fills us with more dread than the thought of someone like Zoella recording Christmas covers or something as equally nonsensical as the term ‘millennial’. But it’s hard to have that feeling towards young Aussie Troye Sivan, who among all his other overachieving has managed to release a fourth EP in the form of Wild. (Although at 20 years old, one might think the wildest thing he might have done is cadge a cig off an elder outside the local offie.)

But Sivan isn’t a regular YouTuber, instead an international pop star masquerading as one. This EP is a turning point for him, and feels like quite a momentous occasion as we witness the genesis of a proper chart-bothering talent. Part of this is to do with the immaculate production, repping Nick Jonas levels of excellence on the title track in a shower of pristine electronic pop that trickles through every track here.

It’s also clearly not Sivan’s first attempt, as there’s a level of maturity here one would expect from a seasoned act. “You can coax the cold right out of me,” he sings in the dark cavern of Bite as waves of moody beats envelop him. There’s no interest in the saccharine, no coveting of a One Direction audience, no attempt to shirk the LGBT experience. And it all works completely in his favour.

It’s only six tracks long, but Wild is one of the most exceptional and inventive collections we’ve heard from any young man this year. Whether it’s the EP standout Fools or the Broods-featuring Ease (whose involvement ends up being superfluous in front of Sivan’s scenery-chewing), there’s so much likeable originality here that international superstardom feels but a whisker away. Buy this immediately.

Wild by Troye Sivan can be ordered here.

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Troye Sivan - Wild
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